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Vaccinations are an essential service that we provide to help you keep your pet healthy. When vaccinating, there are city and county laws to abide by. Our Veterinarians recommend every dog be vaccinated for Rabies and DHLPP (distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus, parainfluenza). When you are boarding and/or grooming, we highly recommend (if your provider doesn't already require) the Bordatella vaccine to help further protect against this upper respiratory disease



Parasites can be picked up from several sources within your animals' environment. Feces from wildlife, flea bites, mosquito bites, and many more can be sources that contaminate your animal with internal parasites, and/or heartworms. The products we recommend contain a heartworm preventative, as well as, intestinal de-wormers all in one monthly "treat"ment. Prevention is always easier on your wallet and on your pet than to not prevent. All it takes is a quick negative blood test in the exam room, and we can have you started on your monthly prevention program.

Dewormers We Offer

Interceptor Plus


A monthly chewable that has a heartworm preventative as well as an intestinal dewormer. This product has an extra medication called praziquantel that also kills tapeworms. 

Advantage Multi


This topical heartworm preventative that also has intestinal deworming properties comes in canine and feline doses.

Heartgard Plus


A canine heartworm preventative that also assists intestinal deworming.


Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and ticks cannot only be a nuisance to you and your pet, but can cause health problems as well. Ticks can carry disease that affect many different systems in the body. Fleas can carry worm eggs as well as cause an allergic reaction to your animal. Plus, one flea can lay over 300 flea eggs if they get the chance.  These pests can live in your home year around even when you don't see them, therefore, we recommend year around protection. There are many products on the market, but we always recommend buying your products from a veterinarian to ensure safety and efficacy. 

Flea & Tick Products We Offer

Vectra 3D


A topical solution that you would apply down the back of canines to prevent fleas & ticks. This product also has a repellent fact to keep pests off of your pet and killing them before they even bite! 



This collar has medication that is within the collar that slowly releases as necessary into the lipid layer of your pet to prevent fleas and ticks. Never any smell or residue when touched by you, and works for 8 months. 



A chewable that helps prevent fleas and ticks for 12 weeks. 

Canine & Feline Services Offered



Vaccinations are an essential part to your & your pets health. We offer Rabies, DHLPP, Kennel Cough (aka: bordatella), Lyme, and new, Influenza. 

Physical Examinations

Your history of your pet plus the physical examinations help the doctor to figure out your pets story to weather they are feeling well or not. 

Digital Radiography (OFA testing)

We offer digital radiographs if your pet should need one to see if they are healthy on the inside. We offer OFA testing of hips and elbows as well.

Heartworm, FeLV & FIV testing

With heartworm becoming more prevalent in our area, the National Heartworm Society is recommending to test every year. 

Before bringing a new feline into your family, it is good to be sure that they are free from these potentially life threating diseases. 

Labratory Services

We run in house Complete Blood Counts, Chemistry Panels, Urinalysis, Fecals, Cytology & Cultures, and Phenobarb levels. We also are able to send out a wide variety of tests if your pet should need them. (ex. allergy testing, and thyroid panels)

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